Administrative Staff

Role Name Office Tel
Secretary of Chair Muteber Gökırmak A-110 (+90)-312-2102080
Chief of Student Affairs
(M.S., Ph.D., M.S. in SE without thesis)
Sultan Arslan A-107 (+90)-312-2105542
Secretary of Student Affairs
(undergraduate, CENG without thesis)
Mehtap Ölmez A-106 (+90)-312-2105527
Secretary of Student Affairs
(undergraduate, summer practise)
Sedef Araz A-106 (+90)-312-2105546

Support Staff

Name Office Tel
Özgür Çetin A-108 210-5510
Murat İpek B-106 210-5540
Erol Öztaş B-Z05 210-5512, 210-5563
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