Tuğrul Dayar, Ph.D


Email: tugrul@cs.bilkent.edu.tr
Web: http://www.cs.bilkent.edu.tr/~tugrul/tugrul.html
Affiliation: Bilkent University, Department of Computer Engineering Faculty Member

Tuğrul Dayar received his BS degree in computer engineering from Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, in 1989, and the MS and PhD degrees in computer science from North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC in 1991 and 1994, respectively. Since 1995, he has been with the Department of Computer Engineering at Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey, where he is now a full professor. While at Bilkent, he has received an Alexander von Humboldt Foundation research fellowship, a Young Scientist Award from The Turkish Academy of Sciences, and an Incentive Award from The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. He has also taken sabbatical leaves of one year each at Technical University of Dresden and Saarland University in Germany. His research interests are in the areas of performance modeling/analysis and scientific computing with applications to bioinformatics and computer networks. He is a member of Upsilon Pi Epsilon, AMS, SIAM (Activity Group on Linear Algebra), and a senior member of ACM (Special Interest Group on Measurement and Evaluation) and IEEE (Computer Society).

Selected Publications

  1. E. Uysal, T. Dayar. Iterative methods based on splittings for stochastic automata networks. European Journal of Operational Research. Vol. 110 (1998), 166-186.
  2. T. Dayar, W. J. Stewart. Comparison of partitioning techniques for two-level iterative solvers on large, sparse Markov chains. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing. Vol. 21 (2000), 1691-1705.
  3. P. Buchholz, T. Dayar. Comparison of multilevel methods for Kronecker-based Markovian representations. Computing. Vol. 73 (2004), 349-371.
  4. T. Dayar, A. Meriç. Kronecker representation and decompositional analysis of closed queueing networks with phase-type service distributions and arbitrary buffer sizes. Annals of Operations Research. Vol. 164 (2008), 193-210.
  5. T. Dayar, G. N. Noyan. Steady-state analysis of Google-like stochastic matrices with block iterative methods. Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis. Vol. 38 (2011), pp. 69-97.
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