Tanol Türkoğlu


Email: tanolTurkoglu@Sekerbank.com.tr
Web: http://OoofOffLine.Wordpress.com
Affiliation: CIO Şekerbank T.A.Ş.

Working actively in banking sector for more than 20 years, Turkoglu has been an expert on three dimensions, namely systems support, software development and project management. The projects he successfully managed range from alternative (to the branch) banking channels such as online internet banking, call center banking, ATM & POS banking to such business intelligence projects as profitibility systems, centralised operations. What’s more he has been actively managed such IT process & human resource based projects as establishing a project office, delivering a skill-based career management systems.
By successfully managing the enterprisewide large IT projects, he delirevered end-to-end banking suite including but not limited to financial transactional systems such as retail banking, corporate banking, treasury, credit modules; business processes such as application, fulfillment, rating, scoring, document archieving and management. Moreover he authored more than five hundred articles (and counting) which addresses primary topics of information age such as digital culture, information communication technologies, Y-Generation, new trends, knowledge concept, information society. A selection of these articles has been published twice in popular book format.

Selected Publications

  1. Türkoğlu Tanol, “Dijital Kültür – Bilgi(çler) Toplumu İçin (Nafile) Bir Elkitabı”, Beyaz Yayınları, Istanbul, October 2010
  2. Türkoğlu Tanol, “İnternetin Kitabı”, Beyaz Yayınları, Istanbul, December 2001
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