Alumni Listing Guidelines

The alumni listing is provided with the goals of indroducing our alumni to public, increasing the departments fame, attracting undergraduate and graduate students, and helping our alumni to keep in touch with the department and among themselves.

If you are adding yourself to the list, please write responsibly and follow professional guidelines. Note that anything you save is stored and becomes accessible on the web. All revisions are visible on the web, not just the final versions.

Please be warned that writing irresponsibly may result in your departmental account being revoked or limited.

To add yourself:

  1. You must have an account on this website. Your ceng or cow accounts will work here. Login first to activate your account.
  2. Add your name in the appropriate list in the alumni listing. Keep the list in alphabetical order by the first name. Follow the same syntax used for other users.
  3. After you add yourself to the list. Edit your main page. While you are editing, upload a picture named index.jpg to be shown within your main page. And upload a spot.jpg for displaying in the alumni list.
  4. If you want to be highlighted on the department's homepage, edit your spotlight page, which can be a short paragraph, similar to what you write in your main page. If you have not already done so, upload a small spot.jpg image to go with the spotlight page. Note that your spotlight page may not appear right away on the department's homepage.

If you don't have an account to edit your information, please email the requested information to and we will add you to the list.

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