2010 Fall Courses and Schedule

  • Course List
  • Course Schedule for undergrad and thesis programs
  • Course schedule for non-thesis programs
CENG 546: OOPLAS (Hakkı Toroslu, Cevat Şener) Tue 18:00 BMB4
CENG 553: (System/SE) Database Management Systems (Adnan Yazici) Thu 18:00 BMB4
CENG 561: Artificial Intelligence (Faruk Polat) Wed 16:00 BMB5
CENG 707: Data structures and algorithms (Nihan Kesim Cicekli) Mon 18:00 BMB4
CENG 709: Computer architectures and operating systems (Ruken Cakici,Ahmet Cosar) Thu 18:00 A101
SE 550: (must) Software Engineering (Ali Dogru) Wed 18:00 BMB4
SE 560: (must) Software Studio (Halit Oguztuzun) Fri 18:00 BMB4
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