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ISL - Intelligent Systems Laboratory:
This laboratory primarily supports research on various aspects of intelligent systems, including semantic-web systems, multimedia databases, knowledge engineering, knowledge-based systems, automated reasoning, natural language processing, text mining, web service composition, artificial life, intelligent collaborative systems for technology-enhanced learning, neural networks, genetic algorithms, and robotics. The research groups currently work on various projects about semantic web technologies and ontology-based question answering systems. read more...

Senior Design Projects

Online National Election Voting System (ONEVS): Online voting is a form of voting in which the individuals are able to cast their votes through a web interface. Through the use of online voting, the voter navigates to the designated election site using a web browser on an ordinary PC. The voter is then permitted to select their chosen candidate and then cast the votes which would then be sent to the election server for processing. read more...

Computer Club: This month in e-bergi

e-bergi is a Turkish online magazine prepared by Computer Club

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