Setting up Department News Account in Thunderbird

Installing the departent SSL Certificate

You must install the department root certificate before going on further. Otherwise you will not be able to connect to server.

  • Thunderbird opens an account wizard when you start it up for the first time, cancel that and install the deparment root certificate by following instructions

Continuing with News Server Account Setup

  • From the file menu, select New→Account. The account wizard reappears, select “Newsgroup account” option.

  • Enter your name, and e-mail address. You may use your student number as shown, or you may use your e-mail alias, “”

  • Enter the server name;

  • Enter a descriptive account name.

  • Click finish to save account

  • Use the Edit→Account Settings menu item to open the account settings window. Select “Server Settings” of the newly created account. From security settings part, choose “Use secure connection(SSL)” You can leave the port setting at its default value.

  • Right click on the news server in the left pane and click “Subscribe…” You will be asked for Username/Password. You may enter them now because we have secured the connection using SSL. Then you should choose the newsgroups that you want to subscribe. “Show items…” box is helpful.

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