Setting up Department E-mail Account in Mozilla Thunderbird 2.x

  • Thunderbird opens an account wizard when you start it up for the first time, cancel that and install the deparment root certificate by following these instructions.
  • From the file menu, select New → Account. The account wizard reappears, select “Email account” option.

  • Enter your name, and e-mail address. You may use your student number as shown, or you may use your e-mail alias, “”

  • Enter the server information, preferred protocol is IMAP. Server name is “” and Outgoing(SMTP) server name is “”

  • Enter your department user name in both of the boxes for incoming and outgoing mail.

  • Enter a descriptive account name.

  • Click finish to save account.

  • Click cancel if password window opens. We will ensure a secure connection to the server so that your password and mails will not be visible over internet.

  • Use the Edit → Account Settings menu item to open the account settings window.Select “Server Settings” of the newly created account. From security settings part, choose “SSL” and leave the port value at the default 993. Also, to be able to delete folders, you should click on “Advanced…” and disable “Server supports folders that contain sub-folders and messages”

  • In the “Outgoing Server(SMTP)” settings part, choose the default SMTP server and click “Edit”.

  • Select the “TLS” option from Security and Authentication part, change the port value to 587.

  • You may now enter your passwords and connect to deparment servers securely.
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